Mothers Day Tea Party


A Happy Mothers Day !

Hello All

Mother’s Day is upon us! This is my second year without my Mum and I miss organising her present and all the trimmings that went along with it. She absolutely loved being spoilt and relished opening her presents.

I always love an excuse to create a tablescape so, this year I decided to organise an afternoon tea party for some other Mums and my beautiful daughter Helen.


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Beautiful Daughter Helen


Helen has been a huge Jane Austen fan since she was a child. She must have watched Pride and Prejudice at least once every two weeks and read the book many times. It qualified her well for a podcast that she produced, where she would record a chapter each week and then comment on it. A highlight of her interest was when she decided to take the Jane Austen tour of England which ended at the Jane Austen festival in Bath where they all dressed in period costume and promenaded around the town. I’m so proud of my daughter as I’m sure many of you are proud of your own children.

It goes without saying that Helen is a great fan of afternoon tea parties. She no longer lives  at home as she has found her Mr Darcy, but her  Robert Gordon  Liberty collection China set is still safely stored in her cabinet here.

This was the inspiration for my pre Mother’s day afternoon tea party. Continue reading

Paper Flower Wall And Garland

Paper Flower Wall and Garland


Does The Easter Bunny Lay Eggs?




This question popped into my head as I was settling my wooden Easter Bunny into a nest of shredded yellow paper surrounded by colourful Easter eggs.

Easter, as I know it, is a Christian event so what’s the connection?

I googled it and found that the legend of the Easter Bunny dates back to the pagan goddess Eastre who was worshipped by the people of Northern Europe. Eastre’s earthly symbol was the rabbit, which was also recognised as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. The festival was held during the Spring Equinox

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Untitled design (1)


Hello All

Well Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us! Since starting this blog I have discovered the craft of paper art and have become rather obsessed with it. As a result, my Christmas tree this year was made of paper rosettes which I attached to the wall. I then decided that for NYE 2016 I would upcycle some of these decos for a quick NYE makeover  Continue reading

Tablescapes. Candlelit dinner for two

A calm and relaxing candlelit dinner.


Hooray I’m Blogging at last!

What a wonderful way to communicate.

I’ve been reading blogs and all about blogs and telling people about blogs for so long it’s like a dream come true to be writing my first blog post.

Frankly, this week I’ve been quite overwhelmed, deciding colours, taking and downloading photos and learning  all the other little details.


What to write in my first post?

I had so many ideas about my first post. A celebration tablesetting with lots of divine backdrops and colour combinations was one idea.

When I finally sat down and remembered to breathe, I decided that I needed to slow down, relax and connect with myself.

It’s an understatement to say that my husband has appreciated this decision.

I opted for a quieter celebration of dinner for two. Continue reading

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